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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
23:52 Tue Feb 25 Awesome! :) NO_PUBKEY 9F3DF15B48406D14 & NO_PUBKEY 1C7082DDE779614F
23:14 Tue Feb 25 Hey Ken - great to see you mate! :) MineOS Backup
11:55 Tue Feb 25 Confirmed NO_PUBKEY 9F3DF15B48406D14 & NO_PUBKEY 1C7082DDE779614F
01:05 Tue Feb 25 AFAIK it should be possible, but I've never done it... Insecure site (sometimes) with SSL
00:51 Tue Feb 25 That is strange... But glad it's working... Insecure site (sometimes) with SSL
00:48 Tue Feb 25 Is this on the TurnKey Observium appliance? WHATSAPP
00:44 Tue Feb 25 Have you mounted the new drive? 2.4GB file limit?
00:44 Tue Feb 25 I think that's all good... NO_PUBKEY 9F3DF15B48406D14 & NO_PUBKEY 1C7082DDE779614F
21:36 Mon Feb 24 Which particular one? iRedMail? Appliance suggestion: Mail Server: iRedMail and/or Modoboa
20:06 Mon Feb 24 On my webserver i also Insecure site (sometimes) with SSL
18:22 Mon Feb 24 Seems that there is still an error... NO_PUBKEY 9F3DF15B48406D14 & NO_PUBKEY 1C7082DDE779614F
15:52 Mon Feb 24 I will say thanks for this Is there a way to tie multiple apps together??
15:42 Mon Feb 24 Python version Appliance suggestion: Mail Server: iRedMail and/or Modoboa
13:07 Mon Feb 24 Yeah my problem is resolved : Insecure site (sometimes) with SSL
11:21 Mon Feb 24 Is that real email WHATSAPP
11:20 Mon Feb 24 Community - Observium - Email Error WHATSAPP
07:25 Mon Feb 24 Hey Christoph - I've just uploaded a couple of new packages NO_PUBKEY 9F3DF15B48406D14 & NO_PUBKEY 1C7082DDE779614F
04:01 Mon Feb 24 It seems like you've since made some changes... Insecure site (sometimes) with SSL
03:51 Mon Feb 24 Hopefully have v16.0RC1 available REALLY soon! WP soon after... Wordpress With PHP 7.3
01:42 Sat Feb 22 Oh seem like error again. Insecure site (sometimes) with SSL