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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
14:39 Wed Apr 27 Ports are: External connection to local domain
14:30 Wed Apr 27 Excellent! bookstack
14:08 Wed Apr 27 That might be the problem! bookstack
14:05 Wed Apr 27 Awesome! bookstack
12:04 Wed Apr 27 Thanks Matthew! OpenLDAP
11:59 Wed Apr 27 From what I gather it does a find and replace in the DB bookstack
11:42 Wed Apr 27 Yep, needs to be RPi4 Preliminary support for Raspberry pi 4 !!!
10:53 Wed Apr 27 So I've now tested Core. Looking good mate! :) Preliminary support for Raspberry pi 4 !!!
10:17 Wed Apr 27 Great work Ian! That's super helpful! Core & TKLDev v17.0 Stable Release & "preliminary" RPi3/4 builds
19:01 Tue Apr 26 This has node-red written all over it. (Is Node.js) the same? Preliminary support for Raspberry pi 4 !!!
01:42 Tue Apr 26 Good stuff, although webmin issues a mystery... bookstack
16:23 Mon Apr 25 I'll also try these commands bookstack
16:19 Mon Apr 25 Woot, woot! That one worked! :) bookstack
08:44 Mon Apr 25 Thanks for sharing Missing privilege separation directory: /var/run/sshd
08:39 Mon Apr 25 I'm not familiar with Ansible Invoice Ninja V5
08:34 Mon Apr 25 Thanks Bob! Unable to connect via or
08:33 Mon Apr 25 Sounds like you are way in front of me! Mail server advice?
08:32 Mon Apr 25 It is very strange! make screen process persistent after ssh disconnect
08:17 Mon Apr 25 FYI it's done via an 'artisan' command bookstack
08:05 Mon Apr 25 The first was a bug, the second I'm not sure bookstack