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A quick heads up.

The /etc/odoo/odoo.conf file needs to be updated if you want to have your own database in current build 18.0.

To fix:

Easiest is to Select "Database Manager" at the login screen for Odoo
Specify a new Database

login with Webmin.  Choose "Tools" / "FileManager"

navigate to /etc/odoo/odoo.conf

find the line that says 
db_name = TurnkeylinuxExample
make it read
# db_name = TurnkeylinuxExample


db_name = NewDatabaseName


db_name = 


Save the File


next (critical) in Webmin go to:

System  -  Bootup and Shutdown

scroll down to the "odoo.service"
select it (checkbox)

Scroll down and select RESTART  (don't have anything else selected but odoo.service when you do that

Refresh your Database or Login Screen and you should be on your way.

If you don't update the odoo.conf file you will be restricted to working with TurnkeyLinuxExample database which, imho is not the best way to approach your company data.

Several other modifications to your odoo.conf will need to be done to build out an optimized system, but start with this one.


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Hub install it turns out was for v 17.1

Giving 18.x a spin now.

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does need to be updated in v 18. to make your own database.

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Thanks for noting this Landis.

I've just updated the Odoo appliance page to include that info. I also the appliance page to note that the v18.x appliance includes Odoo v16.

Hopefully that's better?

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Thanks for putting those changes in on the App page. Should help folks. I will work on my Shell skills but the Webmin corollary I think also helps.

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