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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
01:22 Wed Sep 8 I don't understand?! VPN Server - Allow Clients access to server LAN
01:09 Wed Sep 8 The VPN server "works" yes, VPN Server - Allow Clients access to server LAN
01:02 Wed Sep 8 So you've got it working then?! VPN Server - Allow Clients access to server LAN
00:25 Wed Sep 8 Current server.conf VPN Server - Allow Clients access to server LAN
00:09 Mon Sep 6 It's currently not... Creating a server to use on a TVBox Rockchip Rk3228 or higher
23:53 Sun Sep 5 Looks like you are in luck! :) Torrent Server Transmission version bump
03:56 Fri Sep 3 Yeah, we haven't got to Bullseye yet... Upgrade to bullseye
01:41 Wed Sep 1 certainly ill be testing this bookstack
01:32 Wed Sep 1 I'm not sure how you ended up with a Core ISO?! bookstack
01:23 Wed Sep 1 Yeah my username was "JedMeister" Legacy Versions.
01:16 Wed Sep 1 Really? Legacy Versions.
01:11 Wed Sep 1 iso building error bookstack
00:51 Wed Sep 1 Not sure it was me with couchpotato... Legacy Versions.
00:49 Wed Sep 1 Awesome find Aaron! Legacy Versions.
22:38 Tue Aug 31 Legacy Versions.
22:34 Tue Aug 31 come on guys! Legacy Versions.
16:48 Tue Aug 31 Time fly... 2014-2021 TKL BitCoin Mine appliance
02:33 Tue Aug 31 It's because the TurnKey repo uses a specific & separate keyring NO_PUBKEY 9F3DF15B48406D14 & NO_PUBKEY 1C7082DDE779614F
15:09 Mon Aug 30 Ok, great that that works. MediaWiki appliance: Visualeditor returns "Error contacting the Parsoid/RESTBase server: http-request-error"
14:05 Mon Aug 30 Same problem NO_PUBKEY 9F3DF15B48406D14 & NO_PUBKEY 1C7082DDE779614F