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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
10:49 Mon Jul 11 And here they are - netdisco install notes Apps / IT-Infrastructure -> Netdisco
10:25 Mon Jul 11 Hi Jeremy, Upgrade TKLDev from 16.x t 17.x
05:24 Fri Jul 8 If you can use a CLI, then you can do 90% of an appliance! Apps / IT-Infrastructure -> Netdisco
01:24 Fri Jul 8 Personally, I just launch a fresh one Upgrade TKLDev from 16.x t 17.x
17:21 Thu Jul 7 You can use this fix -->  Sign-up Error
09:32 Wed Jul 6 Create a "site-to-site" VPN Secondary domain or make a replica of the major domain connected through the internet
09:31 Wed Jul 6 Hi Richard, you are (were?!) completely right! Forum loading/posting very slow
19:53 Mon Jun 27 I suggested you develop it, Apps / IT-Infrastructure -> Netdisco
02:56 Sun Jun 26 sshd service crash make screen process persistent after ssh disconnect
02:44 Sun Jun 26 An update... Missing privilege separation directory: /var/run/sshd
21:31 Thu Jun 23 It's an LXC Container running Nextcloud Update?
07:58 Thu Jun 23 Yeah we were hoping to have a Joomla4 server by now too! Joomla 4 - Anything planned?
07:40 Thu Jun 23 Yep, this blog post has recently turned 12! Self signed and trusted SSL certificates
07:36 Thu Jun 23 Joomla 4 Joomla 4 - Anything planned?
06:29 Thu Jun 23 It looks like there was something not quite right on your system Nextcloud Update?
06:17 Thu Jun 23 Where are the SSL certs now? Self signed and trusted SSL certificates
03:11 Thu Jun 23 Sorry my bad! NTP service on turnkey domain controller
18:24 Wed Jun 22 Don't be evil they said.. Mail server advice?
11:08 Wed Jun 22 Hello Jeremy Davis,  NTP service on turnkey domain controller
09:41 Wed Jun 22 Looks interesting and with minimal dependencies Apps / IT-Infrastructure -> Netdisco