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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
14:08 Wed Mar 11 TKLDev 16.0rc1 feedback Core & TKLDev v16.0 Release Candidates - now available for download!
06:34 Wed Mar 11 Hi Brian, we've just published Core 16.0rc1 Wordpress With PHP 7.3
00:48 Tue Mar 10 Great work, thanks Ken! :) MineOS Backup
23:41 Mon Mar 9 I installed it over a year TurnKey LAMP 15.1 VM in Proxmox does not shutdown
21:46 Mon Mar 9 This is getting urgent Wordpress With PHP 7.3
19:14 Sat Mar 7 Drop mic, custom TKLBAM profile for MineOs MineOS Backup
05:01 Fri Mar 6 Hi there Turnkey Moodle ver 15.3 course files repository increase
22:42 Wed Mar 4 Ok. While you are at it, confconsole crash after changing to static IP
03:40 Wed Mar 4 Glad to help, Jeremy. Let's Encrypt revoking certs?
01:34 Wed Mar 4 Blog post published... Let's Encrypt revoking certs?
00:49 Wed Mar 4 thanks for the workaround openstack qcow2 file downloads broken
23:42 Tue Mar 3 Nice work Sean! Let's Encrypt revoking certs?
23:39 Tue Mar 3 Thanks for the heads up Sean! Let's Encrypt revoking certs?
23:14 Tue Mar 3 Gonna take a stab at my own Let's Encrypt revoking certs?
04:13 Tue Mar 3 Update Old TurnKey Observium appliance no longer showing graphs
03:58 Tue Mar 3 Great research! :) Old TurnKey Observium appliance no longer showing graphs
23:08 Sun Mar 1 (when i set rDNS point to Insecure site (sometimes) with SSL
22:46 Sun Mar 1 i have problem with mail and Insecure site (sometimes) with SSL
16:50 Sun Mar 1 Thank you! MineOS Backup
04:04 Sun Mar 1 How did you reset password? TKL VMs very stubbornly forgetting root password