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We have migrated an EC2 instance from our vendor's account to our own. After migrating we tried to point the backups to our turnkey api. We get a fault with the server ID does not exist. Any suggestions?

Also, how do we put this instance into our new Turnkey Hub account?

console commands:
(update pw and api key)
rm -rf /var/lib/tklbam
apt-get remove --purge tklbam
apt-get install tklbam
tklbam-init --force

From Webmin:
Run Backup (or tklbam backup from console)

> tklbam-backup
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/bin/tklbam-backup", line 510, in <module>
File "/bin/tklbam-backup", line 374, in main
File "/usr/lib/tklbam/hub.py", line 270, in new_backup_record
response = self._api('POST', 'record/create/', attrs)
File "/usr/lib/tklbam/hub.py", line 226, in _api
return self.api.request(method, self.API_URL + uri, attrs, headers)
File "/usr/lib/tklbam/hub.py", line 126, in request
raise APIError(e.code, e.name, e.description)
hub.APIError: Server ID does not exist: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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Apologies on the radio silence. This is a new issue for me that I've never encountered before. I've been looking into it but I neglected to let you know what was going on. I should have let you know that was what I was up to.

Anyway, I've worked it out. The fix is pretty simple. Just delete the 'hubclient' info, like this:

rm -r /var/lib/hubclient

Then (assuming that it's already initialized) tklbam should "just work".

Please post back if you continue to have issues.

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