To register a new TurnKey mirror, you can use the form below or e-mail us: <mirrors AT>

Why mirror TurnKey Linux?

Because you can! If you're the kind of elite network samurai that has the spare bandwidth and storage space to provide a TurnKey mirror in your country, you're hereby officially invited to join the TurnKey mirror network.

We want to make it as easy as possible for users in your country, especially private and public cloud/VPS administrators to batch download their own local copy of the entire TurnKey solutions library in whatever build type they want.

Besides, providing a local mirror of free software projects you like is a great way to show solidarity with the free software movement (why that is important), meet new and exciting friends, impress the ladies and make your father, mother and all of us very very proud!

What's in a TurnKey mirror?

Currently, about 600 GB of 100% free software goodness. This includes TurnKey images in all supported build types along with cryptographic signatures for integrity verification.

Anticipated growth: The mirror contains 2 versions of the library: the current version and the last previous version. When a new version, the last previous version is deleted to prevent storage requirements from getting out of hand. The mirror may still grow as we add additional apps to the library though. On the other hand, we are planning architectural changes to future versions of TurnKey that will reduce the amount of storage space required.

How much traffic can I expect?

Currently, the total traffic to all mirrors combined is typically about 5-10TB/month. If divided equally across all mirrors that comes out to about 150-300 GB/month. Actual bandwidth may vary depending on local demand, whether or not there are updates to the images, etc.

What's the best sync frequency?

1 hour. We usually don't change much but when we do sometimes it's a time critical security update.

What pull source to use?

rsync:// (also available via ftp and http)

This DNS points in round robin fashion to the 10 Gbps public master mirrors, generously hosted by OVH in France and RWTH in Germany. They are up to 1 hour behind the private master.

What protocols should my mirror support?

Ideally: rsync, http and ftp (in order of importance).

What URL should the mirror be available as?

We're trying to standardize on serving the root mirror directory on <hostname>/turnkeylinux. For example:

Standardizing the URL makes some things like setting up DNS round-robin and writing auto-downloaders easier. If it's really problematic, then don't worry about the URL. We'll work around that.

Registration form

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Contact information
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Recommended pull source is As mentioned above, it is 'round robbined' to high speed mirrors in Europe and is only one hour behind the private TurnKey master.

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