To contact the army of one that is TurnKey's global strategic partnerships division, use the form below or send us an e-mail to: <partners AT>

Why partner with TurnKey?

Let's cut through the fog. Until it rains the cloud is just that - vapor. It's not the end-all fix-all. Just another potentially useful tool.

Some of your customers have time and patience to setup everything themselves from scratch. Just the way they like it. But most don't. They have a job to do and limited time and money to do it. They want solutions, not potential.

TurnKey is all about bottling up the best open source software and technical expertise into ready-to-use solutions that can be deployed anywhere, anytime. Anywhere? That includes all private and public clouds.

Providing TurnKey as a free deployment option helps your clients get things done. Their experience with your offering improves. TurnKey in turn benefits by getting more users into its community and increased exposure for its premium commercial offerings. Everybody wins.

What does TurnKey do to make deployment on my platform easier?

  1. Builds for your platform: TurnKey provides appliance images in multiple build types optimized to run on all the major virtualization platforms (e.g., VMWare, OVA, OpenStack, LXC, Xen).
  2. Mirror network: a TurnKey mirror close to you makes it easy to quickly rsync or ftp your own private copy of the entire TurnKey virtual appliance library onsite.

    Partners that wish to do so are encouraged to provide a public mirror of TurnKey as a show of solidarity with the community. TurnKey users in your country will appreciate it and so will we! Fast and reliable mirrors will be added to the official list of mirrors.
  3. Customizable initialization hooks: inithooks makes it easy for providers to hook their systems into TurnKey to trigger system initialization routines (e.g., regenerate ssh keys), configure passwords and set basic application configurations.

What do I need to do to become an official TurnKey partner?

We'll start with dinner and a movie. Good food, good conversation, find out if the chemistry is right...

Seriously, if you've read this far you're halfway there. We're not big on red tape. There's no signing ceremony. In a nutshell, as far as we're concerned you become a TurnKey partner as soon as you add official support for TurnKey to your platform. That means your users/customers have the option of deploying TurnKey on their servers and that you make sure they know they have that option.

Once that's ready, we'll want you to e-mail us a version of your logo 180px wide and a description of your service up to 300 characters long for our partners list. Then it's official!

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