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I'm trying to set up multi-site Concrete5

What works so far:

  • Proxmox server which routes several virtual servers (IP/port-based DNAT), including:
  • TKL LAMP proxy-server that forwards to a number of name-based virtual servers
  • TKL web-servers with various CMS's including Concrete5 and JOOMLA working nicely and independently
  • Multiple VirtualHosts in the Concrete5 web-server that land in different Concrete5 file trees

What doesn't work:

  • getting Concrete5 to use other database and credentials (after creating them using phpMyAdmin). Initialisation fails in all my attempts
  • installing an altogether new Concrete5 instance fails similarly
  • I've briefly tried building a fresh Concrete5 install starting with a clean TKL LAMP, but that also fails
  • I've started looking at Concrete5 TKL patch, to find what I am doing wrong, but I'm hindered by frustration buildup.

I can easily create a fresh TKLConcrete5 container for each site, but Concrete should in principle support multi-siting.

Any experiences? Is anyone interested in this at all?



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