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So I was installing the latest TurnKey LAMP release on a Dell Precision with 3 NIC's (1 Onboard, two PCI) just now and was running into some issues. Thought maybe I could pass them along to help others ;)

1. The computer previously had Ubuntu Server 9.04 installed...I burned the TurnKey LAMP ISO to a CD and started installation, and it would always freeze at "Scanning Disks..." when it would hit 41%. I tried a few times, same result...if I hit Control + Alt + Delete I can see it breaks the installer and a second three finger salute starts a it's not frozen in the sense of being unresponsive, just never goes anywhere past 41%. The fix? I booted to a WinXP CD and deleted all the partitions on the disk...rebooted with TurnKey and it carried on as expected...until:

2. I don't know if it applies to just one NIC or only if you have multiple my bench I only have one LAN available to me, so I just plugged in one cable to the onboard NIC and left the other two disconnected. During install it will hang on the DHCP requests for the other two NICs...I left it there for a few minutes and got nothing. It still responds to the three finger salute, but installation never goes anywhere...the fix? I plugged in both of the other NICs to the same LAN just so they could get a DHCP lease.

So two problems, two fixes...just didn't know if there was anything helpful in there for anyone...


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