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I had a "forgotten" and unrun appliance that I mistakenly deleted my backup set for on the Hub.  When I went to do a new Backup on the system it created a new Backup Set (at the end of the stack)..  however it did not back anything up.  I got errors like:

Temp Space 0 where (xxx,xxx,xxx type number) requred

Raise Error (non zero exit code)..

I sequentially removed, reinstalled, --purge removed, reinstalled, --init forced but still got the same errors.  Seems there shoud be a command in the "backup subset" that simply allows you to start a new Backup set (or even to have multiple sets defined so that some redundancy is built).  Most Backup systems have this sort of control.

Anyway, right now I am manually removing the Files I need on the Domain Controller (not really used as such).. and I will probably destroy it... However, it seems a good place to work out the doomsday scenario and try to get a good backup built.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


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