Hi All,

I'm having an issue with the Fileserver Appliance (v12.0 Debian 6.0 squeeze) when mounting an NFS volume. I am hoping to use the Fileserver appliance to sit in front of an NFS volume to provide access to the volume over SCP.

Firstly, I found that I needed to install nfs-common & portmapper in order to initiate a mount -t nfs. I found the directions required to do that elsewhere.

Secondly, now that I have an NFS client up and (seemingly) running, when I try to mount the volume I get a "Stale NFS file handle" error. This is associated with an error in /var/log/messages "svc: failed to register lockdv1 RPC service (errno 97)".

I can showmount -e to the NAS server and it returns a list of exported volumes. I can rpcinfo -p to the NAS server and I get the port listing. But the mount command fails.

In order to install nfs-common, I had to use portmapper (and it's dependencies) instead of rpcbind. When it comes down to it, rpcbind conflicts with the version of console-setup on the Fileserver appliance. Perhaps this is the issue - that I need to use rpcbind instead of portmapper. Not sure.

Anyone seen this before? Any suggestions as a way forward?


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