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Server Status Destroyed, how to a restart this?

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I sutdown my server using init 0 at the console and now its status is destroyed and there is no option to start it, can I recover this?



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Sounds like an EC2 instance on ephemeral storage

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you didn't use TKLBAM to back up your instance before it was shut down and it was an S3-backed instance then unfortunately you're out of luck.

I'm going to guess you're using the Hobby plan which only supports S3-backed instances. S3-backed instances have ephemeral storage for the root partition. Ephemeral storage is non-persistent. When the server is shut down, the storage is recycled for other instances. If you want persistence and the ability to shut down machines when they're not in use you're going to need to use an EBS backed instance instance.

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Also getting: server status "destroyed"

I had selected restore backup to a new cloud instance. Looks like everything worked okay for the restore, but now I see satus "destroyed" and no option to start the server. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong here

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AFAIK you can 'reboot' an S3 backed instance

But you can't 'stop' it. Perhaps try again...