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I've been using a couple virtual appliances (issue tracking/roundup, version control/svn) for some months and am very happy with both of them. AFAIU, all packages installed are Debian stable. I'm curious about the upgrading policy of the virtual appliances:

Does the TK instance updates automatically as soon as new version of the packages are released or is this left to us, the users?

In the later case, does the tklbam backup the modified installation (new binaries, scripts, htmls, etc.)? Also, are there any installation docs with the parameters used (directories, configs, etc.) specially those that differs of the defaults ones?

Right now I'm interested in upgrading Roundup (actually to a non-stable version) but am afraid to break the instance or the backup or even open security holes.

BTW, what's the best practice that you recommend for TKL VAs regarding updates/upgrades?

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