TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library

New TurnKey Core version (12.0)

Thu, 2012/08/30 - 09:24


  • Upgraded base distribution to Debian Squeeze 6.0.5.
    • Support for dependency based boot sequence (insserv).
    • Default ISO Kernel 2.6-686 (TKL Core Lenny was 486).
  • TKLBAM (backup and migration):
    • Upgraded to latest version of TKLBAM (see changelog for details, below are some of the highlights).
    • Added embedded squid download cache support.
    • Added backup resume functionality.
    • Added support for multipart parallel uploads to S3.
    • Upgraded duplicity and python-boto.
    • Multipart parallel S3 uploads.
    • Fixed root cause of MySQL max packet issue (bugfix).
  • Installer (di-live):
    • Upgraded di-live to latest version compatible with Squeeze.
    • Misc bugfixes and tweaks.
  • Boot (bootsplash and grub):
    • Upgraded bootsplash generation to be compatible with Squeeze.
    • Removed bootsplash unused panel options and extraneous files.
    • Tweaked grub default timeouts (hidden_timeout=0, timeout=3).
  • Locale:
    • Set default locale to en_US.UTF-8 (was en_GB).
    • Updated locale configuration for compatibility with Squeeze.
    • Includes localepurge (pre-configured and initialized).
  • Web management console (webmin):
    • Upgraded webmin to 1.590 and default theme.
    • Disabled inline webmin upgrades (managed by APT).
    • Moved history logging to /var/webmin (incorrect use of /etc).
  • Web shell (shellinabox):
    • Upgraded shellinabox to 2.14.
  • Bugfixes and tweaks:
    • Fixed LSB compatibility (di-live, inithooks, confconsole) [LP#700399].
    • Added support for spaces in bashrc promptpath [LP#932388].
    • Replaced APT trusted.db with trusted.gpg.d/$distro.
    • Added bashmarks (super useful bash bookmarking).
    • Removal of log files generated during build.
    • inithooks: Improved headless deployment (REDIRECT_OUTPUT directive).
    • etckeeper: Uninitialization post build and firstboot (turnkey-init).
    • resolvconf: Removed upstart hack (not relevant on Squeeze).
    • confconsole: Miscallaneous bugfixes and refactoring.
    • install-security-updates: Wrapper script for convenience.