New TurnKey Core base appliance (2009.02-hardy)

Sat, 2009/02/28 - 12:09

Release focus: security, usability, bugfixes and updates


  • Initial public release of the TurnKey Linux "core": It's the basic appliance on top of which all TurnKey Linux appliances are now built.
  • Upgraded base distribution to Ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS
  • Added many generically useful webmin modules:
    • Network
      • Firewall configuration (with example configuration)
      • Network configuration
    • System
      • Configure time, date and timezone
      • Configure users and groups
      • Manage software packages
      • Change passwords
      • System logs
    • Tools
      • Text editor
      • Shell commands
      • Simple file upload/download
      • File manager (needs support for Java in browser)
      • Custom commands
  • Changed webmin port from 10000 to 12321 (more distinct, easier to type)
  • Regenerate cryptographic keys during installation
    • SSH keys
    • Default SSL certificate (used by webmin, Apache, lighttpd)
  • Configured SSHD to permit an empty password in demo/live mode
  • Improved package management configuration
    • Enabled Ubuntu's Universe component by default (convenience)
    • Cron-apt configured to:
      • Correctly handle modified conffiles when auto-upgrading (won't hang)
      • Only auto-upgrade packages from the security components
      • Update the cache for all components
      • Share sources with other interfaces to apt (e.g., apt-get)
      • Log to syslog instead of mailing root
  • New versions of confconsole and di-live include many improvements and bugfixes (see their respective release notes for details)
  • Changed default console font to improve readability of console dialogs
  • Added a few generically useful packages (iptables, ntp, nano)
  • Updated /etc/network/interfaces to support multiple network interface cards
  • Replaced metalog with sysklogd/klogd
  • Optimized footprint (rebuilt from bare essentials)
  • Added the release package that holds this changelog

Note: Changes are relative to the lowest common denominator of pre-Core TurnKey Linux appliances.