Release focus: Initial release.


  • Mediawiki customization details
    • the sitename, and administrative email addresses are set in the file:
          $wgSitename = "TurnKeyLinux";
          $wgEmergencyContact = webmaster@localhost;
          $wgPasswordSender = webmaster@localhost;
    • replace /var/lib/mediawiki/images/logo.png with your own logo (recommended 135x135px)
  • File uploading an image resizing is supported out of the box (GD library)
    • maximum filesize: 2MB
    • file types supported: png, gif, jpg, jpeg
  • This release includes all updates included in the 2008.10.17-hardy-x86 releases, such as the new configuration console, and web management interface.

Known issues

  • Non-english charater sets results in mysql error "illegal mix of collations" (#LP:310627)

Default credentials (service, username, password)

console, webmin, ssh root <blank>
mysql root mysqlp4ssw0rd
wiki_db wiki_user w1k1p4ssw0rd
mediawiki admin turnkey

Major component versions

kernel 2.6.24-21.42
apache2 2.2.8-1ubuntu0.3
mysql-server 5.0.51a-3ubuntu5.1
php5 5.2.4-2ubuntu5.3
mediawiki 1.13.2-1