• Example rails application at /var/www/railsapp
    • Apache configured as a load-balancing reverse proxy to a 3-node mongrel cluster
    • Mysql databases setup for production, development and testing
  • Ruby on Rails components (see below for versions)
    • RubyGems package manager installed from upstream tarball
      • Apt and RubyGems are both package management systems and may potentially conflict
      • We recommend using RubyGems for managing Rails components (called gems) and Apt for everything else.
    • Other components installed using RubyGems: rails, mysql support, mongrel_cluster, etc. 
  • This release includes all updates included in the 2008.10.17-hardy-x86 releases, such as the new configuration console, and web management interface.

Default credentials (service, username, password)

console, webmin, ssh root <blank>
mysql root <blank>
railsapp_{production, development, test} railsapp_user r4ilsp4ssw0rd

Major component versions

kernel 2.6.24-21.43
apache2 2.2.8-1ubuntu0.3
mysql-server 5.0.51a-3ubuntu5.3
build-essential 11.3ubuntu1

Ruby on Rails component versions

rubygems 1.3.1
rails 2.1.2
rake 0.8.3
mongrel 1.1.5
mongrel_cluster 1.0.5