Nginx (container)

standalone Nginx container

Nginx is a web server, load balancer and reverse proxy with a strong focus on performance, high concurency (over 10,000 simultaneous connections), and low memory usage.

The classic performant & secure HTTP server, it powers many of the world's largest websites. Nginx can deploy dynamic HTTP content such as PHP scripts using a FastCGI interface, e.g. PHP-FPM.

This is a standalone Docker-style container providing Nginx on a minimalist Debian base. Currently it is only available to run on AWS ECS via the AWS Marketplace by following this link:

Subscribe to TurnKey Nginx Container on AWS Marketplace

Note AWS account required & usage fees apply.


If the /etc/turnkey/vhosts volume is mounted, Nginx will automatically update its configuration with vhosts from there.

Environment variables:

NO_STDOUT_REDIR: write to /var/log/nginx/access.log instead of the container's stdout
NO_STDERR_REDIR: write to /var/log/nginx/error.log instead of the container's stderr