Improved service

Registered AWS Marketplace get bundled support and backup services for no extra charge:

  • Bundled chat and e-mail support: all your questions, technical issues, arbitrary whims and desires, lovingly attended to by our dedicated staff of Jeremies.
  • Bundled 1-click backup, restore and migrate: managed smart system backups to Amazon S3 for no extra charge. Saves changes to files, databases and package management to encrypted storage which instances can be automatically restored from.

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Latest version of TurnKey optimized for AWS

  • Improved security: embedded monitoring, security alerts, preventing vulnerable passwords and hardened default SSL configurations.
  • Fresh new versions: A refresh of all software components including updating the base operating system to Debian GNU/Linux 8.2 (Jessie).
  • Usability improvements that make it easier to get started: Streamlined initialization process and improved embedded documentation resolves many common issues including unknown admin passwords.
  • New hourly and annual pricing: to support improvements the product will transition from free to paid starting November 1, 2016. Running instances will be charged $0.01 per instance-hour. Discounted annual pricing is also available.

Why the new pricing?

On November 1 2016, TurnKey GNU/Linux AWS marketplace listings will transition from free to paid. Running instances will be charged $0.01 per instance-hour.

Why are we charging 1 cent an hour?

Up until now, TurnKey GNU/Linux has funded development from the revenues generated by the TurnKey Hub, where users pay for support, cloud deployment and backup services. Almost all of that revenue goes to paying very modest salaries for the 4 core developers so they can work on open source software full-time and still pay for groceries and rent.

Since TurnKey has limited resources it makes sense to prioritize the things that help us fund development.

Free AWS Marketplace listings weren't helping fund TurnKey so supporting and updating them was a de-facto low priority. As a consequence updates were months out of date and the user experience left much to be desired. Free listings meant we literally couldn't afford to give AWS Marketplace users the love and attention they deserved.

We decided we'd rather charge one cent an hour for a pretty good experience than charge zero cents an hour for a pretty bad one.

We then invested a few months in improving the user experience for TurnKey on AWS Marketplace. We found solutions for all the bugs and usability issues AWS Marketplace users had been running into, added support for HVM, and updated all software versions.

To sweeten the deal we also decided all TurnKey users on the AWS Marketplace would get free bundled support and backup services through the TurnKey Hub. We're working on making the integration as seamless as possible.

All TurnKey users on the AWS Marketplace are immediately eligible for the new versions and bundled benefits.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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