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I'm having trouble setting up an internal network website running on a turnkey drupal VM to be accessible from outside our local network.

The Drupal6 appliance is set to, and the local site can be accessed from within the network fine.

The router is set to forward port 2020 to the above internal IP address. However, I am unable to connect to the appliance (internal site) from outside the network (by typing 123.456.123.56:2020 in a browser).

The VM is bridged to the host's network adapter, and the host is running Windows Vista.

Any suggestions?

UPDATE: It appears I can connect to webmin using the external IP plus the 12321 port. This is possible by setting the internal port on the router forwarding setting to 12321. However, I still cannot connect to the website (i.e. connecting with no internal port given). Any ideas?



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If I understand your post correctly, you need to set the internal port to 80 (http), or 443 (https).
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Some ISPs (usually on home/residential type plans) block port 80, 443 and other common server ports. To check whether that is the case (after you have set port fowarding up and confirmed it still doesn't work) use something such as Shields Up to ensure the port is open from the outside.

If Shields Up shows it as open and it still doesn't work then you have problems somewhere with your port forwarding set up.

If Shields Up says the port is closed or stealthed and you are sure everything else is ok, then it is most likely your ISP. You will need to use alternate ports (to avoid reconfiguring your appliance ports forward internally to whichever port you are trying to access ie 80 or 443)

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Setting the internal port to 80 worked! Many thanks!




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Is there a way to change the port 80 to something else, say 81 or 82??? 

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But not 100% sure how off the top of my head and haven't got time to help you at the moment. Here are a couple of pages that should point the way:


Or if all else fails, grab google and just keep in mind that TKL LAMP is basically Ubuntu 8.04LTS (Hardy) using the Apache2 web server (with MySQL and Php).

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