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I have just finished installing the turnkey wordpress VM into my esx system. I am unable to access webmin, webshell, phpmyadmin or ssh/sftp. is there a firewall or port blocking active by default? if so where is the conf file to edit? I can get to the wordpress main page and its subpage.

any help would be greatly.



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TKL shouldn't have any firewall setup or port blocking, all the things you mention should be available if the main page is.

I assume this is on a LAN? Does esx have some sort of NAT or something? Have you tried port scanning your VM?

It should work out of the box but perhaps to be certain double check which ports are open on your TKL VM (comparing this with the port scan may help locate the prob?)

Another random thought. Maybe somethings up with your browser or security settings? All the other sites are https (althought they should still redirect from http), I wouldn't have thought it would cause this problem but perhaps?

[edit] On re-read just noticed you also mentioned ssh/sftp as well. Guess that rules out browser. Seriously sounds like a networking issue. This might sound dumb, but you haven't got another Wordpress installation (on a different VM) that you're acidentally trying to access?

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There's no firewall on by default in any TurnKey appliance. Otherwise the forum would be chock full of complaints. So I'll venture to guess this has something to do with the configuration you're using. Maybe there's a firewall on ESX? Maybe there's a outgoing firewall on the workstation you're using to access the appliance? Maybe something at the network level.

One way you could find out for sure is to use netcat to listen on an arbitrary port in the appliance and then try to connect to it from your machine. That's what I would do to debug this.

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