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This worked for me to upgrade TurnKey Linux 11.3 / vTiger CRM from 5.2.1 to 5.3.0. Before doing the upgrade, it is highly recommended that a backup of the system be made using TKLBAM or the methods built into vtiger. Or make an image of the hard drive with CloneZilla or something similar so that it can be put back if something goes wrong.

1. Log into the local console or a remote terminal through ssh as root.
NOTE: Using ssh is easier since the commands can be copy & pasted.
2. Change to the web home directory:
cd /var/www/vtigercrm
3. Download the 521 to 530 patch file:
4. Unzip the patch file with overwrite:
unzip -o vtigercrm-521-530-patch.zip
5. Open the Apache sites file:
cd /etc/apache2/sites-available
nano vtigercrm
6. Fix the file:
Change "AllowOverride All" to "AllowOverride None"
Delete "order allow,deny"
Delete "allow from all"
Save it. (Ctrl-X, Y, Enter)
7. Make the install.php file read-write:
cd /var/www/vtigercrm
chmod 777 install.php
8. Reboot the server:
9. With a browser, go to the server web site:
<server ip address>
10. Left click "Migrate"
11. If all Pre Installation Checks are OK (green), left click "Next"
12. Fill in the System Configuration page:
Previous Installation Version *: 5.2.1
Admin Username *: admin
Admin Password: <server admin password>
Database Name for Migration: vtigercrm
13. On the Pre-Migration Tools page:
Left click the "Fix Now" link to change to the Innodb engine
Left click the "Next" button
14. On the Confirm Configuration Settings page, left click the "Next" button
15. On the Optional Modules page:
Uncheck all of the language packs (Assuming that English is used)
Left the click the "Next" button
16. Verify that all updates have a "success" result. Left click the "Next" button
17. Cleanup (back in the root terminal):
mv install.php install.php.org
mv install install.org
18. Left click the "Finish" button
19. Login as user "admin" with password "admin"
NOTE: All user passwords are changed to the user's name.
20. Change the admin password back to something secure:
Left click the "Settings" menu item
Left click the "Users" icon
Left click the "admin" user name
Left click the "Change Password" button
Hope this works for others. This method was created using hints and procedures detailed on the vtiger.com forums. As well as a lot of trial and error.
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You are correct, I dropped part of the URL. I'm not sure how I managed to post the message with a mistake in it; I guess self-editing makes it hard to see everything. I appreciate your positive and helpful reply along with the fix.



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These are the Turnkey Linux forums. You'll need to find a Windows forum or see if vTiger themselves have some support forum or mailing list.

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Good thing I noted the remark though!

Would the next upgrade be similar? Ric

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Yup, upgraded again to 5.40 using vtigercrm-530-540-patch.zip instead. Nicer look to the interface.

wget -c http://sourceforge.net/projects/vtigercrm/files/vtiger%20CRM%205.4.0/Add...
...that will fetch it. :) Ric

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Thanks for documenting. :)

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The above procedure works.

To be safe, I dumped the whole database to a file. I then unzipped to vTiger54, installed from there, keeping both sites with separate IPs, just in case murphy would rear his head. I also wanted to compare both if needed.

Just as a way of preventing disaster (like power outage in the middle of the procedure), make a copy of your www/vtigercrm directory before preceeding. You do not need another IP, I just did because I wanted to keep the previous version on the old IP.

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i need to upgrade vtiger 6.5 to 7.0

how to do upgrade 

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