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Ok, so I can test install within virtualbox, but when I try to install on my older dell server I get some strange issues showing up.

1. I needed to remove the SCSI card to be able to boot to either the live CD or the install mode.

- this is not an issue as I don't need or care for the tape drive.

2. When I get through I am unable to see partition infromation at all.  The only indication that there is something wrong (that I can see) is the following.  The controller is identified, I have re-created the partitions and raid as there was a Free-NAS installation previously

- Driver "sr" needs updating ... use bus_type method  (as close as i can remember)

I believe it is simply a driver specific:

CERC ata100 raid controller (lsi logic megaraid) installed with currently a raid5 of three 160GB ATA drives.

P4 2.4, 512 mb ECC DDR

I am installing from a DVD-R... I don't suspect this is the issue, but hey, may as well let you know.

This happens on three different appliances, so I suspect it is a global item although I have stopped short of trying to install the TKCore version.

Although I am new here, I did take a run through previous posts, I did not see anything that would help, sorry if there is something I missed.

I guess the time has come for my question... What is the best way to install the drivers, or manualy set partitions.  Any buttons are missing, and during the steps to select partitions, there are two emply lines.

Please forgive me, I am somewhat new to *nix installs so I am learning as I go here.


Regards, Neil.


I think it's related to

which confuses me.

I have posted new topic here as well.  If you have  solution please let me know, otherwise watch my thread too.



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All appliances have the same installation system (based on Core) so it's not surprising that if you have trouble installing one you'll have trouble with all of them.

I'm guessing this is some kind of hardware compatibility issue, in which case it would help to boot into Live / demo mode and attach the /var/log/dmesg file to your post. That file should contain information regarding the drivers loaded.

OTOH, if its a partitioning issue you might want to test replacing the hard drive with an unpartitioned one, or just deleting all of the partitions on your hard drive (if you can do that). Debugging this is going to be hard by remote so you'll have to experiment a bit and try to isolate what's going on.

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