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Hi all,

I am very keen to get some servers running in my local area (Sydney) and can easily do this from the AWS console.

If I was to do this would the hub magically show them when the region does get support?

I experiemented with domains and they all magically popped into the hub after configuring them from AWS.

Also if there is an ETA for Sydney support I would be keen to hear about it!

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But it's very possible that I am wrong... Considering your experience then maybe...?

If they don't, it'd be pretty easy to transition them across (using TKLBAM) once Sydney is available via the Hub...

And as for Sydney AWS support in the Hub, you should know by now the TKL devs don't like to give ETAs! :)

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The hub is just another interface for aws management console.

It looks like the hub makes api calls and displays the data in a convenient way which is why i think it should be ok.

What i dont get is why the ami's are zone specific. Why do they need to be 'built', to quote Alon, for each zone. I thought ami's were a global thing? It is obvious why the sydney zone does not appear in the hub.

Also i cannot find the s3 backups or buckets in aws and wonder where the hub gets this info. The reason is that occasionally some get stuck and are undeleteable.

If i am not making sense its because i am on my phone! Typing sucks and its a note 2! Could never go back to a small phone now.

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