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On the HUB I've bought a reserved instance once for my medium instance server and found that it's only Medium Utilization Reserved Instance ($250, 3 years, $0.025/hour).

Checking Amazon's Reserved Instances there's Heavy Utilization ($300, 3 years, $0.020/hour).

Now that I've created a new medium instance server, my question is: How can I purchase the Heavy Utilization Reserved Instance via the HUB?  It's a server running 24x7 so I'll save a lot if I can buy a Heavy Reserved one.

I bought a reserved instance via AWS console once but it doesn't show on the HUB.  That's why I want to buy it via the HUB instead.

Any advice would be thankful.



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Unfortunately, the Hub doesn't support heavy utilization reservations yet. I've mocked up the UI design for this and hopefully we can get to it soon.

In the meantime, you can do this from the AWS console if you're careful. Though it's not very streamlined. Launch an instance in the Hub, then switch to the AWS console and figure out exactly what availability zone within the region it's running in. Then you use the AWS console to create a reserved instance in that exact region and availability zone.

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Thanks for the clear answer, I'll do it via the AWS console then.  Hope you come up with something to make it easy for us to use soon.

Also it'd be great if the other reserved instance I also bought via aws console earlier can show up in the hub so it'll make easier to manage my server. (Its region is ap-southeast-1a) which you said is support by the Hub).



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