I have successfully installed turnkey nginx + fastcgi on my vps. Works fine, can login to webmin etc.

however in my webmin I can't find any way to add domain, configure mail

for now I just put my files into /var/www, so what if I want to add another domain, how am I going to do this, is there any tutorial?

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So you'll need to configure it manually. Personally I have no idea on how NginX is configured so probably google is your best bet. Keep in mind that TKL v12.x is based on Debian Squeeze.

If you find a good tutorial that get's you going it'd be great if you can post back. No doubt someone else will find it useful.

i have this same problem with turnkey nginx + fastcgi

plz help me how to add "site.com" domain for my vps?

there was'nt any tutorial for this

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TurnKey v14.x = Debian Jessie so any docs that apply to Nginx on Debian Jessie also apply to TurnKey. FWIW Debian Jessie has Nginx v1.6.2 so the upstream Nginx docs are also relevant.

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