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I have a new installed Joomla Site.

And i have downloaded the joomla appliance to my server. But i don't have a sure.

How to integrate the turnkey joomla appliance with my joomla site?

This is like a component or module. Or simply download and install?

How to do it?

Thank you in advenced


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When I go to your link, it says it is a Drupal site.  Are you trying to integrate Joomla and Drupal or convert your site from Drupal to Joomla?

The Joomla Appliance is a fully configured "virtual appliance".  Which means it is a complete Linux installation (LAMP) with Joomla already install and pre-configured,

  • download the CD image (which you will install on a bare-metal server (brand new, empty),
  • or as a VMware guest server instance (which you will need a VMware Server, or ESXi hypervisor already installed)
  • or you will need an account with Amazon EC2 cloud service to upload it to.

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Your post implies the appliances can only be run on bare metal, VMWare, and EC2.

They can also be run as guests on other virtualization platforms, like Xen, KVM, etc.

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