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Hi all,

under what license are Turnkey Appliances distributed? I do not refer to the installed software licenses, but the Appliance license itself.

i.e., what can I do with them? Can I copy, modify, redistribute, ...

I looked for info on the website, but I found nothing.

Thanks for your answer



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TKL Appliances are under the same license as Ubuntu which is documented here:


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As discussed in the benefits section of the site, "The TurnKey Linux virtual appliance library is licensed under the same terms as Ubuntu. In other words, you are free to download, use, redistribute and modify a virtual appliance for any purpose."

Just like any other open source project, the ecosystem grows and benefits all involved with collaboration, forking should be a last resort as it tends to break up the community and efforts are duplicated.
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Thanks for your answers and for your very good work!

Alon, I agree with you about the community benefits. My question rises because I do not found an explicit license that said me what can I do with appliances and what cannot I do.


P.S. I suggest to include a readme and a license file in your download package...

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