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I have a couple open tklpatch projects I am working on, but what is slowing me down is the forum upload limit. At first I decided to try to make my own website to upload the tklpatch files but I have not gotten around to it yet, and I have been lazy about finishing the projects until I have a place to upload the final product.

I was just thinking, why not create a sourceforge or github project account where all the 3rd party devs can upload to? This will increase the file size limit as well as provide a centralized place to put all files. These forums are not ideal for releasing tklpatch files because they are not organized onto a single page, making it hard to see.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Admins, any thoughts?

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I agree, tklpatch development is taking off and we need to organize something central.

I think the best way forward is to use a distributed version control system for collaborative development.

My personal preference would be to use git, and github if possible. They provide a free plan for open source projects with unlimited repositories and contributors, which is exactly what we need. They also have a foot note that the 300MB storage limit is a soft limit (to prevent abuse), but if more space is required they are "happy to provide it".

I'll send off an email to make sure we can get extra space if we need it.

My only concern is forcing developers to use something that they don't want to. Others may prefer using bazaar or mercurial, but I suppose there is no one-fit-all solution. So, I am thinking we start with github (if their reply is positive), and if needed, create similar repositories on launchpad and bitbucket...

Any thoughts?
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I did a little more thinking, and also chatted with Liraz. We decided to create a dedicated section on the development wiki. This provides a central location where all patches can be listed and managed, though its still recommended to announce a patch on the forum.

With regards to patch hosting, its really up to the developer. You can either upload the patch to the forum, or for those who use version control (recommended), they can publish their code to services such as github, launchpad or mercurial. Then, just link to the project page.

I think the above provides us with the most flexibility, without imposing anything on developers.
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The new dev wiki section is awesome. I think it will make it easier for anyone to see what is happening with the 3rd party tklpatches while still being flexible about hosting.

Thank you for the quick response.

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Great work on creating, moving, sorting and generally tidying up the TKLpatch page in the Dev wiki. The TKL project is really growing and developing, its pretty exciting to be involved! Next is for me to get into playing with TKLpatch and build some patches!

Although in some respects it may get a bit messy, having each developer find use their own prefered hosting solution (eg LaunchPad, github, etc) is the way to go at this stage. My firstl reason is that I think the extra resources required for your guys to control this would be better spent elsewhere. And also, although I'm sure we have some fantastic contributors out there, unless you can provide some level of quality control and support (see my first point) then I don't think its a good idea for TKL to be hosting patches. 

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