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First off -- great product. Thanks for all the hard work.

I am using the pre-packaged vmware wordpress appliance. I did some searching on the forum but didn't exactly find the answer to this question so if I missed it my apologies. I have a 20 year IT background but am pretty much a noob in the Linux world.

Since the appliance is already installed and has default passwords already configured, I wanted to make sure that I had changed all the passwords that should be changed in order to secure the appliance.

I have changed the following:

. Webmin password for root

. MySQL administration password

. Unix root password

. wordpress admin password

Are there any I am missing? Thanks for any assistance.

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Although that's not a 100% definative answer, but as the other services available (eg SSH, SFTP) use Linux user accounts (eg root) you should be right. I'm fairly sure but to be 100% certain that nothing has been missed I'd probably wait for confirmation the Devs (Liraz and Alon).

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