I've been a long time user of turnkey linix and I've been running a Redmine instance for some years now.  The version is 11.2 lucid.  It also uses tklbam to backup to S3.

Over the years this instance has been extensively customised and the changes don't easily apply to the newer turnkey 12 and 13 instances.  So I don't believe I can just launch a new Turnkey Redmine version and restore a backup.

I want to migrate the instance to another region.  I could not find a way to do this using turnkeyhub, so I resorted to the AWS console. I have had some success in a test by doing the following;

* create an image of my existing instance.

* transfer the instance to the new region.

* launch the new instance.

* re-initialise tklbam using my API key

After this the instance is working correctly and the backups are visible on turnkeyhub.  However the new server is not listed in the turnkeyhub Servers panel.

Any ideas how to get an the EC2 instance to showup in the turnkeyhub?

Any other steps that may be necessary to migrate this old instance to another region?







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So if you want your instance to show up in the Hub then you'll need to restore a backup...

BTW apologies on such a slow response...

Regardless, you need to plan your migration as Ubuntu Lucid (the basis of v11.x) is EOL in two months. That means that it will no longer get any security updates...

So personally I would be looking to migrate to v13.0 - that will kill 2 birds with one stone. TKLBAM should allow you to migrate the basis of your site - with only minimal tweaks required. Probably the way I'd go would be to download the current (v13.0) Redmine appliance, install it as a VM (VirtualBox or similar) and restore your backup to it. Then see how it goes and what needs to be done...

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