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I've downloaded it twice. Both times 7-zip complains it is corrupted. Here are the hashes from the file I've downloaded.

CRC-32: 1b9a377c
   MD4: dc977878887954f11469e384d7a0e09f
   MD5: 984854a39a00b3361c22549d33bde913
 SHA-1: edb91443da2d02ede808fec5b6fc4b743a1a9a90

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Ugh, probably my end. Just downloaded again and got different hashes.

CRC-32: af49756b
   MD4: 03f3f24ed8a4707a7a80213a8545cab5
   MD5: 0c4176cb7ed7fbaea63baf02baffb289
 SHA-1: c5bc94c55a5c436338d67d5e8bdb1f1b6f44eb02

  What is the correct has for this file?

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Duh. Maybe I could just use the pgp sig. Pls shot me. I obviously need another cup of coffee and some ritalin.

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