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Never mind - after I installed multisite the update ran fine.



I have a fresh install of the v 14.0 WordPress build. When I select to update it to WordPress 4.3.1 it reports "An automated WordPress update has failed to complete" All plugins are disabled. The Plugins seem to update fine. I would like to have the automated updates work. Can you tell me how to fix this?

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My understanding is that you cannot update base WP from earlier versions to the current one from the appliance itself. You need to do a new build using tkldev appliance instead. Follow the tkldev appliance docs to do that. Once you install the appliance in a VM you will see a code in wordpress/conf.d/downloads:

#!/bin/bash -ex

dl() {
    [ "$FAB_HTTP_PROXY" ] && PROXY="--proxy $FAB_HTTP_PROXY"
    cd $2; curl -L -f -O $PROXY $1; cd -


# wordpress installation
dl $SRC


Besides that, you will be able to remove or add plugins at your own will.


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And also thanks for your input Lin Pro.

However; for the record the TurnKey appliance should support updating the WordPress software from within a running WordPress appliance. Unfortunately though it seems that the permissions aren't quite right to support that...

For any seeking the workaround, please see the TurnKey Issue Tracker.

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