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Is there something that has changed from 13 to 14, or in Concrete5 from 5.6 to 5.7 that I'm missing?

I have a few turnkey 13 concrete5 installations running happily, and I wanted to see if it would be worth switching to C5 5.7 (and get the advantages of being on Jessie, etc), but I can't log into the site.


I've tried to install twice into virtualbox.  The second time I was especially careful that I got the right password assigned. 


So, I say again, is there something I'm missing?  Thank you for any help you can provide. 


(appliance is turnkey concrete5 14.0 downloaded on 11/24/15, installed as a VM in virtualbox 4.1.12 running on Windows 7)

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I've had a look and confirmed that you are right. We will have to fix this.

But in the meantime you can repair your concrete5 install by copy/pasting this in a terminal:

apt-get update && apt-get install python-bcrypt
wget $URL/$FILE
mv $(basename $FILE) /$FILE
chmod +x /$FILE
Then re-enter a password and it should all work...

The problem was caused by the fact that Concrete5 have changed how they hash the passwords in the database (to make it more secure). The new code updates our password setting to be inline with this. Obviously I'm assuming that you trust me; if you want to inspect the updated code have a look on GitHub here (or just 'cat' after the wget line).

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Excellent and thank you!  I'll have to try this if I get a chance a little later today..

I dare say I trust you, that said, I probably will still take a look at the code just to get a little sense of how some of this stuff works.

Again, thank you!

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