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i 've rebuild my new openvz vps with debian-7-turnkey-gitlab_13.0-1_amd64 . But this version was builded about Oct 2013 (more than 2 years ago). I want to upgrade it to new version.

when i ask my hosting support, he said that 14.0-1 is not yet available for OpenVZ.


so i'll try to upgrade it myself.

but how to do that ?

i tried 'apt-get update' 'apt-get dist-upgrade' and 'apt-get upgrade' but my vps did not upgraded.

i want debian-8-turnkey-gitlab_14.0-1_amd64 installed to my vps.


Thank you..

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OpenVZ is essentially dead so we will no longer be producing OpenVZ templates. However, the v14.0 Proxmox build is a somewhat generic container template. I have run it successfully on OpenVZ (although I only tested on the old 3.x version of Proxmox).

WRT to updating GitLab in the v13.0 appliance, I'm sure that it is possible although TBH I've not tried (for well over a year, and when I did it, it was quite painful). My advice would be that unless you already have a ton of data in there that you don't want to lose, then I recommend that you just install from scratch onto Core (or some other minimal OS)...

If you need to update then I would urge you to make sure that you have a good backup, a ton of spare time and the biggest amount of patience you can muster... Oh and your A game google fu.

Sorry I haven't got some better news for you...

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Please explain me how to upgrade -turnkey-gitlab_13.0-1 to -turnkey-gitlab_14.1

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But I can give you a few pointers and a suggested workflow. Have a look here.

However, as GitLab itself will be included in your backup, if you also want to upgrade that as well (recommended) you'll need to do that after you have upgraded the server. I highly recommend doing that only after you have the v14.1 server working fine and have taken a fresh backup of it. One note though, if your restored GitLab isn't working in v14.1, I wouldn't bother spending time trying to fix it, I'd just start working on the GitLab version upgrade.

We don't have any docs for explicitly upgrading such an old version of GitLab (unless you've been keeping it up to date yourself). However, we have documented upgrading GitLab in v14.x and from a quick glance it may also apply to v13.x (but no promises).

Please let us know how you go and please post if you get stuck. Also if you decide it's too much and need a hand, I can probably recommend a freelancer to help you out.

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