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Hey I'm Junaid From Pakistan !

I'm working with the Engineering Projects, we will help those students who are doing any engineering projects. We have successfully done hundreds of engineering projects which we have displayed on our website along with reference. We are expert in the Arduino Projects, Matlab Projects and Proteus Projects. If you have anykind of querie regarding any electrical, electonic or mechanical projects you can contact us, we will try our best to solved your problems. Now it's your turn to intorduce :) don't for get to check my eye ball detection matlab software.

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Nice to meet you Junaid,

I am also new here. Not so long ago, I 've come across an article saying:

Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a new design for harvesting body heat and converting it into electricity for use in wearable electronics. The experimental prototypes are lightweight, conform to the shape of the body, and can generate far more electricity than previous lightweight heat harvesting technologies.

Do you create similar engineering projects? I consider a project to be useful and interesting if it brigns something important into our daily life and can help us in anything.

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No dear,

We create AI projects like someting which is controlled by the machines. 

Recently I have created some robots..

Waiter Robot - Who take orders

Cleaner Robot - Who clean the home

Gardner Robo -  Cut the grass automatically 

And other similar engineerig projects which are based on the Embedded Systems 

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Oh, I've got it, Junaid! Robots are great engineering projects as well as AI. I guess it is our nearest future. 

In 2017 all manual tasks that employees used to handle will be automated using AI software. Machines will learn how to do labor-intensive tasks, as well as reasoning tasks. Thus over time AI supervisors will learn from human’s natural language, business logic and rules so that they can implement tasks on behalf of employees. Companies will encourage employees to use AI software supervisors. This will eventually result in a higher productivity of employees, less operating costs for companies and growth for the market of AI supervisors.

As it is stated in one of the articles about trends in 2017. 

I think your projects will become popular with every comming day

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yeah may be you are right, I'm wating for that time :)

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