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Hello people,

I have just recently been appointed administrator of our website.

Even though I graduated in computer science and have made websites on the programmer's end, I must admit my actual IT / server administration skills are pretty low.

When I accepted this responsability in addition to my actual job as a teacher in our school, I was supposed to only administrate the website through the built in configuration options in the backend. 

But as it turns out, I ended up as the actual administrator of the server because the previous IT guy is not a real one either and since he screwed our website up in many ways, he was asked to never touch anything even remotely related to it again.

So. Our website is currently broken and I'm trying to figure out how to fix it. Actualy, I'm more trying to make a fresh install of our CMS with only the required data because the old one is a real mess (40Gb of old data, broken links everywhere, ...)

The web insterface of our CMS, LMS actualy (chamilo) says we need some extensions like gd, curl and intl, which are not installed (and prevent the installation of a new chamilo).

When I wanna do the apt-get install for these, it warns me that it will upgrade php-5 among other packages. Is there any risks related to this ? I mean, I don't want to break things even more :p

Thank you guys in advance for your help,



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It's hard to give guidance without knowing more. And in a situation such as this, chances are you don't have much more to share without digging into the system a little yourself.

Firstly, you didn't explicitly say whether you are using TurnKey Linux or not? I'm assuming you must be using some Debian/Ubuntu type system (due to your mention of apt). If you are using TurnKey, then please give me the output of "turnkey-version". And also please give me the output of "lsb_release -a".

Regarding upgrading php5, that shouldn't be an issue, although personally I'd be inclined to double check that only the default repos are enabled or at least that php5 is installing from the default repos. You can check that with apt like this:

apt-get update
apt-cache policy php5
That should tell you what version you have, what version you'll get when you upgrade and where it will install from. If you're not sure, please post and I'll try to interpret it for you.

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