Access URL : http://IP_ADDRESS:8080

Admin username : admin

Admin password : admin

Once logged in change admin password by using this URL


Inorder to stop and start Plone a service is created


service start|stop|restart

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You beat me on this one, but anyway I'll post my Patch tonight or tomorrow as is already developed and under test. We can then mix the best of both patches in a final version!

Oh , you could have start a new thread with an announcement when you started working on it ....... In your case, did  you used any apache or MySQL in that patch ? Or is their any orher change on architecture ??

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I commented about the patch in the Xenserver thread, but didn't open a new thread as I first take a look to see if I fully understand how to do it, to prevent posting the announcement and later not being able to work on it. I did a zeocluster installation of Plone 4 with an upfront apache and ssl enabled. I'll test it tonight when I get home. I'm planning to add a custom script that sets virtual domains pointing to plone websites. 

Haven't read about mysql support for plone. If I understand correctly, it uses it own database for objects. If community give some feedback, and it's a desirable feature, I'll add it later.

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I think this mistake is actually a happy coincidence as it brings into focus the different approaches you have both taken towards to TKLPatch development.

Basil goes wide, like a hungry hawk that scans the open source arena from above looking for prey, then swoops down and goes for a quick kill he can snatch back to his nest. Adrian went deep, like a tiger he stalks his prey, taking a slower, more deliberate approach. He usually goes after larger targets and once he makes a kill he's going to dig in and tear it apart into little pieces.

In this case I've taken a look at both Plone patches and the both of you took characteristically different approaches. Basil's patch sets up Plone in a stand-alone Zope instance. This approach is a simpler integration best suited for testing purposes.

Adrian's patch runs Plone in a more complex ZEO client/server configuration. The main disadvantage of the ZEO setup is that it's harder to configure, but this is also exactly where TurnKey can step in and provide some value-add.

I found a nice resource that explains standalone vs ZEO plone deployment here.

I also like that Adrian payed more attention to the small details that improve usability for the end-user. For example he wrote a nice setupsite script in /usr/local/bin that automates setting up new Plone sites.

Adrian invested more heavily in explaining the details of the integration, while Basil focused just on the usability.

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