I just noticed the EspoCRM system requirements are showing they are not met.  Is this something that needs to be addressed?

See attached screenshot.

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It looks like you've updated PHP. In the most recent release of our EspoCRM appliance, we ship with PHP 8.1 (v8.1.16) and I can see from your screenshot that you are running PHP 8.2 (v8.2.2).

We update the relevant PHP config to be as required. Here's a screenshot of my test system that I just launched:

EspoCRM screenshot

As each PHP version ships with it's own config file, if you update to a new PHP version, unless you also update the new PHP config (i.e. the relevant php.ini) then it is expected that you will just have the default PHP config (hence why yours "fails"). I would recommend that you update the config to ensure that you don't have issues using EspoCRM (most of it should work fine, but I almost guarantee that you'll eventually hit issues using the PHP defaults).

You'll find the relevant php.ini to update for PHP 8.2 here: /etc/php/8.2/apache2/php.ini (EspoCRM should only need the updates to the Apache conf, but FWIW the CLI conf is /etc/php/8.2/cli/php.ini). The settings that you'll want to update are noted in the system requirements (as per the screenshots we've shared - e.g. 'max_execution_time', 'max_input_time', etc). If you'd rather use Webmin to do the PHP config tweaks, then add the new PHP config file(s) (and you can delete the old ones too if you want).

Once you've made the required changes, then you can apply them by restarting Apache:

systemctl restart apache2

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