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Just curious, is there a guess when the TKL appliances from the contest will be available?  Is there anything the community could do to help?  Thanks!

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To avoid disapointment the devs do not release ETA of new appliances but I know that they are in the pipeline. You should be able to use the patch to create the appliance you are after while you are waiting for the official one. AFAIK the only downside at this point is that if you use TKLBAM your backups will be a bit larger.

Also out of curiosity which appliance are you waiting on?

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I had a chance to experiment with a couple already, but I am a huge fan of the TKLBAM and how efficient the backups/restores are from the official appliances. I intend to hold out for the official releases of LimeSurvey, Mono ASP, OpenLDAP, Web Filter/Proxy, and Bacula.

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Check out this thread.

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