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I'm just learning tklbam and am having a problem with a complete restore. 

I've setup the turnkey core and installed the additional packages I want.  Webmin is updated through webmin.

The backup proceeds with no apparent problems.  When I restore to a new machine, with the just the core on it, everything seems to proceed without incident. 

Except, for some reason, either the port to webmin doesn't work or it didn't restore webmin.  I can't get figure it out. 

What am I not doing correctly?


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Webmin is packaged by TurnKey and managed by the package management system (APT), so you shouldn't be upgrading webmin from upstream directly. I was certain that I disabled webmin inline upgrades but that might have broken in the latest release.

Bottom line is that the webmin upgrade you did is probably conflicting with the TurnKey installed version, hence your problem.

You could try removing the upgraded version of webmin (though I'm not sure where it installs to, and if it clobbered the TurnKey webmin packages contents). Depending on the amount of customizations you've done, it might be easier to just start from scratch. If you have a previous TKLBAM backup session, you can restore from it to get your customizations before the Webmin upgrade.

Out of curiosity, why did you upgrade webmin?

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Have a look at this thread.

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It turns out the option to upgrade webmin, from within webmin, causes problems as Alon mentioned.

Jeremy shows in this link how to remove and install webmin:


apt-get remove webmin  (or apt-get --purge remove webmin)
apt-get update
apt-get install webmin

Thanks for the help.

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