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Dear All

I'm very much happy with turnkey core on virtualbox and can do so many things out of it.

Now I want to move to dreamplug which has following configuration:


Marvell® Sheeva™ Core Embedded CPU

  • @ 1.2 GHz


Boot Device: 2MB SPI NOR Flash for uboot

Flash Memory: 2 GB on board micro-SD for kernel and root file system

SDRAM: 512MB 16bit DDR2 @800 MHz



  • Power input: 100-240VAC/50-60Hz 19W

  • DC Consumption: 5V/3.0A supports most demanding applications

  • High efficiency detachable AC-DC PSU gives mas flexibility
Development Interface

  • JTAG and console comes with UART
  •  RS-232, one mini-USB port and a
  • JTAG port debugging and programming
High speed I/O & Peripherals
  • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps

  • 2 x USB 2.0 ports (Host)

  • 1 x eSATA 2.0 port- 3Gbps SATAII

  • 1 x SD Socket for user expansion/application

  • WiFi: 802.11 b/g

  • Bluethooth: BT2.1 + EDR

48K/44.1 KHz Sampling Rate for Both Playback and Recording

16-bit ADC/DAC

Digital out: S/PDIF with fiber optics inteface

Analog out: Stereo headphone out

Mic in



u-boot (in internal SPI NOR Flash)
Linux distribution: Ubuntu 

Source code available at






My question: is it possible to have turnkey core install on this device!

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I could be wrong but I think that the Marvell CPU is an ARM processor (not an x86) so I don't think it will work. You could try though and see how it goes. You may have to build your own Ubuntu and Debian both support the ARM architechture.

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I thought that TKLC is based on Ubuntu?

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But specifically on the x86 (32 bit) version. It is not currently available in any other architechture. I know the core devs have plans to support x64 on their agenda and I'm sure they'd like to support ARM too, but currently x86 is the only one available.

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Thanks Jeremy

I hope TKL will have this feature on their to-do-list. If TKL can develop on sheeva/dreamplug/tornido plugs as an standalone appliance (low cost hardware and electricity consumption) , that will be perfect for various small organisations and developers.

I'm not a developer but enthusiast of Linux and I would be happy to help in any way possible.

L Uppal

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But unfortunately they also have a todo list a mile long and only 2 core devs. Some time ago there was a discussion of perhaps creating hardware appliances on similar hardware that were actually TKL branded (to create an income stream for TKL to assist with costs and development - beyond the 10% premium on EC2). This would obviously also mean that they would need to build ARM architechture appliances.

AFAIK the core devs are working to upgrade their backend build infrastructure to make it easier to build/upgrade/appliances appliances. I'm fairly sure that that will make it easier for them to build for alternative architechtures (such as x64; ARM too hopefully).

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