Date: 2016-9-15

Amazon have decided to shut down Amazon DevPay. If you signed up for a TurnKey Hub account before April 2015, DevPay is the billing method you are currently subscribed to. We'll need a few minutes of your time to migrate you to a new payment processor.

Click here to log into your TurnKey Hub account and start the migration process.

As a thank you for migrating now we'll upgrade your account to a better service plan at no additional cost. The migration process should be simple and self explanatory, but if you run into any issues or have any questions please contact support AT and let us know.

TKLBAM users

In addition to billing, Amazon DevPay also handles backup storage so we need to migrate your backups as well. As part of the migration we will be moving all your backup data out of DevPay and into regular Amazon S3 buckets.

DevPay will no longer be metering your usage, so your backup storage fees will drop from $0.15/GB to $0.03/GB. Instead you will only be charged a low flat-rate monthly fee.

What happens if you don't migrate off DevPay?

1. You may lose your backups: We don't know what happens to backups stored on DevPay when the service shuts down and we'd rather not find out. Service disruption is likely. Unrecoverable data loss is the worst case scenario. We can migrate your data out now. Later it might be out of our hands.

2. You'll pay more: Users that don't migrate now will receive an e-mail from Amazon DevPay notifying of a price change within 14 days. Starting Oct they'll be charged the $10/month list price in addition to the higher DevPay storage fee, to help cover the extra cost of supporting users that delay migrating.

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