Installing via the apt-get package manager

The easiest way to install cloudtask and its dependencies on Debian based systems (this includes TurnKey Linux, vanilla Debian and Ubuntu too) is to use the package manager.

From a TurnKey Linux system this is as easy as:

apt-get update
apt-get install cloudtask

If you're using a non-TurnKey Linux Debian based system you will first need to add the TurnKey Linux package repository:

Install turnkey-keyring:

apt-key add turnkey-release-keyring.gpg

Add TurnKey repositories to your sources list (e.g., /etc/apt/sources.list):

deb wheezy main

Installing from source

You'll need make to install CloudTask from source. If you want to grab the latest source code from the Git repository, you'll want to install Git as well.

The details for your Linux distribution may vary but in Ubuntu/Debian based distributions you can install make and git-core using the package manager, like this:

apt-get update
apt-get install make git-core # git-core only required if installing from git repo

There are two ways to get the source:

  1. Compressed archive (zip or tar)
    • then unzip or untar: unzip <> or tar xvfz <filename.tar.gz>
  2. Git (includes commit history):
git clone git://

To install, cd into the cloudtask directory and run:

make install

Dependencies: you'll need the following packages to use all of cloudtask's functionality:

apt-get install hubtools openssh-client turnkey-pylib