Confconsole - Mail relay


Confconsole Mail relay plugin allows, users to easily configure a remote SMTP relay to send emails through.

Confconsole Mail relay

By default TurnKey Linux appliances send email directly. However to provide more robust email delivery, it is highly recommended to use a third party SMTP relay.


We have researched the available third party SMTP relay options and have concluded that SendinBlue are currently providing the best mix of features and value for money.

A free SendinBlue account allows sending up to 9000 emails per month, so should provide sufficient capabilities for general low-medium email traffic use. If you wish to send mass-marketing emails or are sending large volumes of transactional emails, you may be better served by upgrading to a paid plan.

To sign up for a free SendinBlue account, please browse to:

You should only need to enter your Login (SendinBlue username) and Password. The host and Port should be pre-configured within Confconsole.


The custom option allows you to configure your server to use an alternate SMTP relay service. It should work with all avaialble SMTP relays (public or private).

Some additional configuration may be required for some SMTP relay services. E.g. to use Google SMTP you need to adjust the config of your account to allow "less secure applications". Please consult with your remote SMTP relay provider for relevant details.


This option removes all configuration and returns TurnKey to it's default config.


The SMTP relay authentication procedure requires the SMTP relay user password to be stored in plain text at /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd (readable only by root). As a general rule, so long as no other users are granted read access, that should be sufficently secure. However, if you have concerns about someone else (who has root access) accessing this then you are advised to consider an alternate path.