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Windows Installation Walkthrough (VirtualBox + Turnkey Rails)

Thanks for publishing such a great appliance!

 I had a bit of trouble getting the Turnkey Rails appliance (linked above) working on Windows so I wrote up a guide to doing just that: Get started building web apps with your own Ruby on Rails virtual development server 

The main things I was missing were:

  • Network configuration knowledge for a free virtualization product. I ended up using VirtualBox and the default NAT setup confused me for far too long. I now understand how to do it using NAT+port forwarding or using bridging.
  • sqlite3 is not included in Turnkey Rails but it's assumed in the Rails intros I have been reading. I added instructions on how to install it.
  • No familiar Windowsy WYSIWYG editor available in the console-only Turnkey Rails. I added diakonos to my guide.