tklbam-init: Initialization (start here)

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tklbam-init [ API-KEY ]


This links TKLBAM to your Hub account.


API-KEY: Cut and paste this from your Hub account's user profile.

If you do not provide the API-KEY as a command line argument you will be prompted for it interactively (unless you use the --solo option.


--force: Force re-initialization with new API-KEY

--force-profile=PROFILE_ID: Force a specific backup profile (e.g., "core", "turnkey-core-13.0-wheezy-amd64") Without --force-profile the PROFILE_ID is automatically detected.

--force-profile=empty: "empty" is a special profile_id value that creates an empty backup profile. Backup configurations will only be taken from /etc/tklbam.

--force-profile=PATH: Path to a custom backup profile Details: tklbam-internal create-profile --help

--solo: Solo mode: disables link to Hub. You'll need to --force-profile=empty or use a custom profile tklbam-backup will only work with --address or --dump options tklbam-restore will only work with --address or a backup extract.


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I thought that in the current TKLBAM (1.4) you could override that. By default it wants to use AWS S3 storage, so you can set up a Hub account linked to AWS and use the Hub API to keep track of all your backups (on S3) via the Hub.

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Go here and click the 'Sign up' button. I suggest you have a bit of a read first so you know what you're signing up to but it's up to you... If you have any questions then please post in the forums

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I can't figure it out: after changing HUB API key my backups doesn't show in GUI. I receive "backup in progress" window, but after it finishes I can't even see which devices made a copy. They're in the S3, I can restore them from console, but I can't launch new server from backup. Am I doing something wrong or it's a bug?



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Assuming that you are looking at the the same Hub account as the API key is for then what is showing on the commandline should match what is in the Hub UI.

Although sometimes the Hub UI can be a little slow to update. If it still hasn't updated then please log into the Hub and send me an email via the Feddback link (top of the page, 2nd from the left).