Yes. Here are a couple of recommended ways to do this:

  1. Create a separate backup with an empty backup profile:

    export TKLBAM_REGISTRY=/var/lib/tklbam.srv
    export TKLBAM_CONF=/etc/tklbam.srv
    tklbam-init --force-profile=empty
    tklbam-backup --skip-packages --skip-database -- /srv
  2. Use the --raw-upload option

    This lobotomizes TKLBAM so instead of creating a system level backup it just backs up the directory you specify. In other words, --raw-upload turns TKLBAM into a directory-level backup tool rather than a system-level backup tool.

    For example, let's say you have a collection of big files at /srv that you don't want to include in your system backup (e.g., because you don't want to bloat your backup).

    So you configure an overrides to exclude the /srv directory from your default backup and create another TKLBAM backup just for the big files:

    echo -/srv >> /etc/tklbam/overrides
    export TKLBAM_REGISTRY=/var/lib/tklbam.srv-raw
    tklbam-backup --raw-upload=/srv

    Later, you'll need to use the --raw-download option to restore:

    tklbam-restore --raw-download=/srv <your-backup-id>

    If you don't use the raw-download option, TKLBAM will assume you are trying to restore a system-level backup and you'll get an error.