Every TurnKey appliance that TKLBAM supports has a corresponding backup profile, which is downloaded from the Hub when you initialize TKLBAM. The profile is used to calculate the list of system changes we need to backup. It usually describes the installation state of a TurnKey appliance and contains a list of packages, filesystem paths to scan for changes and an index of the contents of those paths which records timestamps, ownership and permissions.

You can also generate your own custom profiles with the following command:

tklbam-internal create-profile

The backup profile is stored in /var/lib/tklbam/profile and contains the following text files:

  1. dirindex.conf: a list of directories to check for changes by default. This list does not include any files or directories maintained by the package management system.
  2. dirindex: appliance installation state - filesystem index
  3. packages: appliance installation state - list of packages

Users can override which files and directories are checked for changes by configuring overrides (See below).