Merry Christmas to you, :)


The appliances have been great. Thanks for all the great guidance in this forum.


All the best.

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Thanks Mr. hp!

Actually we celebrate Chanukkah over here in Israel. Unfortunately, we don't get much in the way of presents. No Santa Claus either. Ho ho... hum...

All we get is this candled Menorah and a lousy dreidel. Sucks to be Jewish. Count your blessings! :)

Best regards and happy holidays,

PS: I know its a little hard being a newbie sometimes. Hang in there!

It just happens that I am using a hp desktop (pavillion something). Chanukkah..? ah now I recall I have read this in another one of my favorite forums although I am not really sure what they really are, it must be something great.

"Happy Haunakka-Channukkah-Hannauka, Awesome Kwanza, Bah Humbug, Feliz Navidad" and etc.

You, Jewish? awesome. I am Chinese.

It is okay, thank you, you have answered very long in my previous posts and that they were useful. Today actually I finally managed to see the web interface and thinking that it is also a Christmas here, South East Asia -- Malaysia; I wanted to be grateful so I posted a greeting here. Actually I have a dozens of questions but like you have said "experimenting", I did that and will do so because it is my university break -- no need to rush assignment. Plenty of time to spend learning something new.

Thanks liraz and your buddies who build these software appliances too. Without making this look like an essay, -- Thanks!.



leow aka hp

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